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These three wonderful little seniors (11 years old) were brought to OK Small Dog Rescue when their owner could no longer meet the care requirements of these aging, but young at heart, bundles of joy. They settled in to their fosters' home and hearts quickly--so easy to love these three who are full of affection, trust, and love even while each suffers from significant health challenges.  Albus (Black fur) with pneumonia and an old, untreated leg injury; Hannah (Grey & White) with heart murmur, collapsing trachea, and "a bit" of a weight issue; Brie with a terrible, full body skin infection and cauliflower ears; and all with bad teeth (Hannah had 20! removed). Healthy food, medication, vet care and treatment, and regular exercise has made the world of difference for these special three. 


Albus: After diagnosing his frequent cough and runny nose as pneumonia, antibiotic treatment has brought great improvement in him. His history of leg injury means arthritis medication in his future and his chronic bronchitis also presents challenges and a lifelong need for medication but that doesn't slow down this doe eyed boy. "The Protector"--he keeps an eye on his girls and will leap great heights to seek them out--loves walks and snuggles. Albus is NOT an early bird--he'll have brunch not breakfast-too early!- and if it means the girls get to try to enjoy a 2nd breakfast, that is just fine with him.


Hannah: "The Chubby girl"--is a happy, happy, girl; all wiggly butt and body who doesn't let a little thing like a few extra pounds slow her down. She loves her frequent walks--smile on her face and tail wagging the whole time--and puts her all in to keep up with her brother and sister. Hannah would prefer to eat as much as she can see with her big adoring brown eyes, and 20 less teeth have not slowed her down!  However, her less-is-more efforts are paying off--she's lost a pound already! Hannah's heart murmur and collapsing trachea mean a chronic cough and shortness of breath that will require medication for the rest of her life--but she doesn't mind--it's just another treat to eat, right?!? 


Brie: Although not so large, she is In Charge! With improved skin and much better health, it's clear that this "Sassy Girl" is the leader and she will decide if she agrees with any requests of her--come!, please?-or not. Antibiotics, steroids, medicated baths, and medicated ear drops mean this little girl has alot going on in a day but as she gets better, this previously shy little flower is blossoming! Brie loves walks and prances so joyfully and daintily along. Her preferred hang out spots are the back of the couch and on a fluffy blanket or two. At  bedtime, the fosters bed pillows are an ideal, cozy preferred option. Like her siblings, Brie's health--and there's still much more to know about including a cough that may signal heart issues like her sister--means lifelong medication for her.


With the love and support of OK Small Dog Rescue, these three are getting the treatment they so desperately need and are well on their way to much better health. It will be a long road to recovery for Brie, Hannah, and Albus but each day brings new hope and improvement so these three love-bugs can be their best selves and live their best lives. Please consider making a donation to support the continued care and treatment of Brie, Hannah, and Albus--your generous contribution will be of great help and is much appreciated!


Okanagan Small Dog Rescue offers a low-cost spay/neuter program to those with reduced income. Below are the Qualifications if anyone is interested:


Applicants must have an income of no more than $40,000.00 per year per household.

Must provide a copy of the previous year's tax return no exceptions.

Dogs under 50 lbs costs are $25.00

Dogs over 50 lbs costs are $40.00

You have sixty-day days once approved to get the procedure done.


The procedure will take place at Panorama Vet


10051 Hwy 97 North Unit 27

Lake Country, BC V4V1P6


You are responsible for transporting your dog to and from Veterinary Clinic

If you are interested or know someone who could benefit from this program please contact

​Okanagan Small Dog Rescue is run completely by volunteers.
We give up our time and hearts to do this. We will make mistakes or we will forget a phone call and sometimes we may take too long to respond to your email. Please respect that we are always doing the best that we can do.
Our mandate states ‘No dog shall die for lack of medical care” AND THIS is what we do best.
We would like to share your story and pictures of your rescue dog that you have adopted through Okanagan Small Dog Rescue. Please email to:


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