Buddy came to our rescue in May 2021. He was an 8-year-old boy who had been neglected and was a sad little guy. Our foster lady had taken him in to cheer him up and get him ready to be adopted. Buddy had a different plan for our Foster. Because of the love he received from her, he fell in love with her. She couldn't break his heart by letting him go so Buddy found his forever home with her.
He is the sweetest dog and they get along great. The highlight of his life is chasing a ball or small toy. They have fun together.
Buddy does get a bit anxious when people come to the house, but they are working on getting better with this.

When going for walks, he is okay with people but not if they have big dogs with them. They are working on this as well.
Buddy sleeps on his dog bed or the loveseat in her bedroom. When his owner gets up in the morning, Buddy hides his face and doesn't get up until she comes back later to get him up. He then races for his breakfast and is ready to take on the day.
When they go for walks, Buddy prances and has his tail in the air waving like a flag. His last outing is at 5 PM and he is good until the next morning. 
His new name Buddy definitely suits him as he is a wonderful Buddy for his new owner.


​Okanagan Small Dog Rescue is run completely by volunteers.
We give up our time and hearts to do this. We will make mistakes or we will forget a phone call and sometimes we may take too long to respond to your email. Please respect that we are always doing the best that we can do.
Our mandate states ‘No dog shall die for lack of medical care” AND THIS is what we do best.
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