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Many pet owners and their beloved pets are in crisis due to COVID-19 and need our help now more than ever. It has become increasingly difficult for us to raise funds during this Pandemic due to the restrictions implemented in social gatherings. We have been unable to do our fund raising events this year, which has drastically affected our funds we use to help with rescuing dogs and the medical costs incurred to get them healthy and available for adoption.   



Spring is now here and Molly loves being outside however, the warming temperatures bring back to life all things creepy-crawly. Ticks are a growing problem in our area and are a common carrier of infectious disease. Our canine companions are at a high risk of picking up these hitch hikers on walks through grassy or wooded areas, and even in our own back yards. Ticks carried into the house by your dog can also put you and your family at risk of a bite.

Thankfully, preventing tick borne disease is easy and safe through the use of monthly oral treatment. Ticks start questing ( seeking a host ) when temperatures are averaging at least 4 degrees Celsius. This winter we saw live ticks on some of our patients well into January due to the mild conditions. We generally recommend treatment starting in March going through the fall months until the weather grows cold again.

Please call or come in to learn more and to find out what treatment plan is best for your dog!

Warm regards from the team at Panorama Veterinary Services



​Okanagan Small Dog Rescue is run completely by volunteers.
We give up our time and hearts to do this. We will make mistakes or we will forget a phone call and sometimes we may take too long to respond to your email. Please respect that we are always doing the best that we can do.
Our mandate states ‘No dog shall die for lack of medical care” AND THIS is what we do best.
We would like to share your story and pictures of your rescue dog that you have adopted through Okanagan Small Dog Rescue. Please email to:



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