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HELLO  HELLO  HELLO                                  YES WE ARE STILL HERE in 2021!!!!!!!!


COVID has been hard on organizations, societies, people and our pets.  Sadly, many of our previous adopter homes have had to say good bye to their very loved dog.  It is now 22 years since we have placed dogs into fabulous home. it touches our heart to hear of your loss as each dog has a part of our heart. Thank you for keeping us informed.

With COVID our volunteers will not be doing home visits. The dogs that have come into rescue have not been posted, but fortunately previous adopters have been able to adopt without our usual home visit policy.  And to the people that have previously adopted one of our dogs, please be patient as soon as your new dog comes into rescue we will be excited to call you

Charlie is a 10 yr old Boston terrier we are doing a courtesy post for his mom.

Charlie belonged to her son who passed away last year, she wants to keep him but can’t find a place to rent that takes pets.  

If you are interested in fostering Charlie for the owner email us and we will send the information on to the owner.









Fiona was adopted from Okanagan Small Dog Rescue in 2010. She was recently stung by a wasp and had a bad reaction. The first thing her Mom noticed was her lethargic behavior, which was Fiona getting very limp, her tongue was starting to hang out and it was very pale in color, almost white. From the time it was noticed, to the time they arrived at the vet was about 30 minutes. The vet put her on an IV immediately with an antihistamine and then fluids. If they hadn't noticed it right away she would not have survived. As it is, it is still touch and go for Fiona.

Pet owners please watch over your dogs when they are outdoors and if they show any of the above mentioned symptoms. 

​Okanagan Small Dog Rescue is run completely by volunteers.
We give up our time and hearts to do this. We will make mistakes or we will forget a phone call and sometimes we may take too long to respond to your email. Please respect that we are always doing the best that we can do.
Our mandate states ‘No dog shall die for lack of medical care” AND THIS is what we do best.
We would like to share your story and pictures of your rescue dog that you have adopted through Okanagan Small Dog Rescue. Please email to:



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