"Big White is a beautiful Maremma Sheepdog, female, possibility 2-3 years old, a tall Maremma .  She is bright attentive, warry of strangers excellent girl to watch your property. If you are interested email oksmalldog, only applicants on an acreage will be considered.  These are working dogs, need property to attend to.

Please remember that we are all volunteers. We give up our time and hearts to do this. Please respect that we are always doing the best that we can do. We will make mistakes; we will forget a phone call and sometimes take too long to respond to your email. But we give of our hearts and our time and our mandate states ‘No dog shall die for lack of medical care” AND THIS is what we do best.


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Because people had submitted applications and had been approved we have had:

1.  Yorkie straight to a new home

2.  Yorkie x chihuahua to a new home

3.  Maltese (who had been abused but happy in a new home)

They have all found their new happy homes


Our newest  one is a possible Bichon x Poodle x Maltese colouring is more like a Pom, we don't have info on personality at this time, but we know he needs training.



Due To Virus

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