This has been a year we will never forget. I hope there has been some joy amongst the anxiety and sadness of this year. We need to be diligent about wearing our masks for our protection and courtesy of protection to others. As the stores have stipulated “no shirt no shoes no service it should now include no mask”, all for our safety.

Registered societies are suffering this year not being able to carry out their normal fundraising events and we have been no different. Our mandate is “no dog shall die for lack of medical care”, and we have been able to stay true to our mandate, looking after emergency cases and continuing our spay/neuter program, but we are now in dire need of financial support. We are all 100% volunteers, and 100% of the donations go towards the care of the dogs. Due to Covid19 we have not been able to create and sell calendars, we have not been able to host a fundraising GALA, and we will not be doing the Christmas wrap at Orchard Park this year as the program has been cancelled.

As a result of Covid19 our volunteers were not able to do home visits. Most of the dogs this year have been placed in homes of previous adopters or fosters.




Christmas Miracle Needed:











Our two newest dogs, Poms, were found with their mom who had passed away need a Christmas miracle. They are seniors and need a home together due to the stress of losing their mom. They require blood work, Xrays, and dental work. Please help these Christmas angels









This is our recent rescue Bella and her baby Tank. When Bella first came to us, we had an Xray done because of her coughing. The Xray showed she was pregnant with one puppy and close to delivery. An emergency C Section was carried out on a long weekend. Bella is only 3lbs, and her puppy, Tank, was born at 4 ounces. He was bottle fed for a while and now at his new home where he’s now 4lbs. Both Bella and Tank are now thriving in their new homes with wonderful people.

Mikey who needed to be neutered, have a growth removed from his genitals, and have dental work. He is a Bichon X and very happy now in his new home.

Cindy Lou needed intense veterinary care. She had burns on her body possibly from hot water, required dental work, and a spay. She is a Maltese and now has hair and very happy being pampered and loved in her new home.

Senior Squirt, a Yorkie, is happy in his new home with another Yorkie.

Also, we had a Japanese Chin, multiple Shih tzus, multiple Chihuahuas, a Poodle, a Maltese, and other mixed breed dogs. Amongst these included emergency care for the amputation of a leg and multiple dentals, spays, and neuters

We have been a registered society now for 16 years and in rescue for a total of 22 years. Over that time, thousands of dogs have come through our organization and each one touches our hearts and souls. We would love a short email and picture of your dog to tell us how they are doing as our thoughts of each dog never end.

Helen Jansen

It is with sadness that we say goodbye to Helen Jansen. Helen was a director on the board, a foster, a volunteer, and our treasurer for about 20 years. Animals were her passion and she looked after the very sick that could not be adopted. These dogs deserved to have love and care in their senior years and it did not matter how big or small, Helen in her quiet and gentle way took them home.

Helen and John cared for many dogs, cats and birds and Helen talked about how they would all line up at John’s chair for their last bite. Helen also had a tremendous knowledge of animal health and I would often consult her on where to start with a new dog.

So many stories to remember. One day Helen stopped in all bruised. A bird had been stuck in their chimney and although she worked and worked to get the bird to go up it came into the house instead. As she jumped and ran to beat the cat who was after the bird she fell over furniture. Helen did eventually get the bird outside safely. Another time, we had a call to go north to pick up small dogs as the owner had passed away and the grandson wanted the dogs gone. As we were loading the small dogs, the grandson said take the labs as well. Helen picked out the ones needing the most help. Six that trip plus the eight small ones. Two of the labs had puppies 10 days later and although homes were found for most, Helen and John kept the tired older mom and the puppy that struggled to walk.

Our condolences go out to John and family. Rest in peace dear Helen.


Although it has been a difficult year with many challenges, we still have a lot to be grateful for this year. Our sincerest thanks for your support in 2020 to:

   Panorama Veterinary for all they do

   Fairfield Hospital and Tri Lake Animal Hospital for their after-hours emergency care

   Bosley’s in Lake Country for donation of food

   Healthy Spot Pet Nutrition in Vernon for food and dollar donations from nail clipping day

   Darford Industries


   Central Okanagan Foundation

   Our private supporters

                                                And most importantly all our volunteers. We would not be able to do what we do without you.



Tax Receipt may be requested for donations of $20 or more, donations can be sent by E Transfer, cheque or through Canada

                                                            Our official name for CRA is Okanagan Central Small Dog Rescue Society


                                                            OSDRS web page:

                                                            Registered Society BC Registration (863283701 RR0001)

Please remember that we are all volunteers. We give up our time and hearts to do this. Please respect that we are always doing the best that we can do. We will make mistakes; we will forget a phone call and sometimes take too long to respond to your email. But we give of our hearts and our time and our mandate states ‘No dog shall die for lack of medical care” AND THIS is what we do best.

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