Because people had submitted applications and had been approved we have had:

1.  Yorkie straight to a new home

2.  Yorkie x chihuahua to a new home

3.  Maltese (who had been abused but happy in a new home)

They have all found their new happy homes


Our newest  one is a possible Bichon x Poodle x Maltese colouring is more like a Pom, we don't have info on personality at this time, but we know he needs training.


Earlier this week, news broke about yet another BC SPCA seizure from a Langley property that operates under the guise of rescue.  A few years ago, the CBC reported on a rescue who was failing to vet dogs properly.  More recently, we have spoken out against mass adoption events and shared a story of a family duped by a rescue.  Unfortunately, in an unregulated system, there is no where to hold those practicing in a harmful way accountable.  As demonstrated by the most recent  seizure, the BC SPCA is even limited in how much they can prevent people they seize animals from doing it again.....and again.

In response, the Animal Welfare Advisory Network is drafting a set of rescue standards of practice for community based rescue organizations.  Once the standards are finalized, we will be creating a volunteer accreditation program that will support organizations to work with standards of care that protect animals, protect their organizations and protect the community.  

The standards are currently open to the public for feedback until February 12.

It is recommended that you set aside between 30 minutes to an hour to respond.  

We would like to thank the Vancouver Foundation for their ongoing support of this imporant work


Please remember that we are all volunteers. We give up our time and hearts to do this. Please respect that we are always doing the best that we can do. We will make mistakes; we will forget a phone call and sometimes take too long to respond to your email. But we give of our hearts and our time and our mandate states ‘No dog shall die for lack of medical care” AND THIS is what we do best.


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bone & biscuit.jpg

Mikey is maybe a bichon x poodle x pom  ( only because of colouring) x ???. His age is 8-10 but only a guess, he is very sweet, craving love and attention.  Once he has recovered from neuter he will have his dental. Mickey has not had a kind life and wants a quiet home where he can be loved, appreciated and well cared for.  If you are interested  in Mickey please get your applications in ASAP.

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