Jake was born May 9, 2006 and passed away August 10, 2021. Jake had 2 different owners before coming to the Okanagan Small Dog Rescue in 2014 at the age of 8 years old. While being fostered by a wonderful lady of the Rescue, Jake was adopted by a gentleman who liked to snowmobile. Jake would ride with him on the snowmobile. Jake also enjoyed his walks everyday at Skaha Lake in Penticton BC. Jake was well taken care of. The gentleman became ill after 3 years of having Jake and had to surrender Jake to the Penticton SPCA at the age of 11. The SPCA contacted OK Small Dog Rescue to ask if we could foster Jake and find him a new home. Jake was taken to the Vet for a check up and blood panel. The Vet found that Jake had a heart condition that was rated as 6.6 out of 10. A decision was made to have Jake be a permanent foster with the lady from the Rescue who fostered him before. Jake loved to be around people and was fond of sitting on your lap for cuddles and pets. Jake didn't know many tricks, but he had different barks to tell you what he wanted. Jake learned to high five people who came to the house. He loved his walks around the neighborhood to visit people and his dog friends, plus he knew that people would give him dog cookies. When Jake got older he wasn't able to walk anymore, so he would go for rides in his stroller around the neighborhood. He would sit in his stroller and bark to say "HI" to his friends and let them know he was there for a visit and a cookie. Jake never complained about anything. He would take his medication like a Champ. He would eat his food, but would always leave some in his dish for his brother to finish it. Jake couldn't run and play with his brother anymore, but he would bark as his brother ran around him and he would wiggle his body and legs as best he could to try and move to play. Jake loved to play with his big teddy bear and play tug-of-war with his foster Mom. Jake never said much, but he definitely was the boss around the house. If he was sleeping, the other dogs would tiptoe around him to get a drink of water and always looking to see if they woke Jake up. If they woke Jake up or got their toys too close, he would let out a little growl to warn them to not get too close to him. Jake was a very special friend to his foster Mom and could sense when she needed some special cuddle time from him. He was such an easy dog to foster. He did not demand anything, was never aggressive and was always a happy boy. He only wanted to be loved and be with his person. Jake made his foster Mom smile everyday and she misses him very much.