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On December 5, 2023, we sadly said goodbye to Dan the Man.  Dan was like our mascot. He was well known by our rescue family. He taught us a lot and gave a lot. He was born during a time when mixed breeds were called designer dogs.  Dan was a PuZu which is a pug x shihtzu, the perfect designer dog. However, Dan was born with no eyes, no tail, and a split nose to list some of his issues. He was not saleable. He was dumped at a shelter to be euthanized. Dan did not let being blind slow him down in any way. He loved the outdoors, exploring and sniffing in his fenced yard. He could zig-zag in a game of hide and seek. His favorite game was playing ball. He carried a little sponge ball. He would throw it from his mouth as high as 3 feet then spend the next while searching for it. He could not be tricked into playing with another ball as he knew what ball he had for the day…such a smart guy.

Dan would sometimes work with a trainer. He knew sit, down, look and stay. He was not introduced as a blind dog until the end of class, so he could learn! Dan was gentle and eager to give you a cuddle. In his 15 ½ years he had never barked.  He taught people not to be afraid or feel sorry for a blind dog. Dogs go more from sense of smell and their hearing is magnified.

Just to name a bit of what was happening in his final 24 hours: he could not stand, wouldn’t eat or drink, total incontinence and suffered from Sun downers disease, just to name a few. On the way to the clinic, he was wrapped in his blanket, but he wanted out. He sat up, smiled and smiled, and barked. He had never barked his entire life but barked the whole way to the clinic. It gave us a bit of peace. We had not seen him so happy for a long time. It was very strange our little man that been so sick, couldn’t hold himself up, but on the way to the vet he sat up excited, smiling and smiling and continued his happy barking. Dan was my daughters luvbug. He was so loved and leaves a big hole in our hearts. Happy traveling our sweet Dan. 

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