Max was 12.5 years old when he passed over the rainbow bridge. This is a good life span for his giant Akbash breed. Max was a handsome gentle giant. He was a protector of the rescue dogs when they were outside in the yard. He kept the big birds away. The tiny rescue dogs were his favorite. Max was an amazing dog who was loved by anyone who met him. He loved to be petted. Oftentimes he would lay on your feet while you were petting him. He didn't realize his size and weight. Eventually, your feet would go to sleep and it took some persuading to get him to move. He would always greet you at the door or at the fence if he was outside in the yard. We will miss him dearly. 


Annie was being fostered by a volunteer of the OK Small Dog Rescue when her owner met her. She was a soft caramel colored, funny, little mixed breed. She had one ear that stood up and the other the flopped downwards. Annie's big brown eyes were full of tenderness and her owner feel in love with her at first site. Annie's previous life had not been easy but she had a sweet trusting manner that captured the heart of her owner and many others. Annie was a rescue that rescued her owner from sadness and loneliness. Annie will be greatly missed.