My name is Merlin. About four years ago the Okanagan Small Dog Rescue took me in and found a forever home for me. They’re really good at that.  I’m an office dog now, in a little accounting firm. There are three office dogs here, and we are important. We make sure the staff and clients all get some exercise and a snuggle every day. Otis is a yellow lab, and he’s a Therapy Dog so he knows how to make people feel better. For the first two years it was just Otis and I, so I learned a lot from him. Then a year ago, Lexi the border collie joined us. Lexi lives with me and she was only a year old when she joined the pack. She was a nervous wreck! She didn’t know anything about being inside, and Otis and I had to teach her all about being office dogs. Now we’re just one big happy doggy family.

When Mom adopted me, she enrolled me in a puppy class. I wasn’t a puppy, but she thought I needed to learn things like walking on a leash and coming back when she called me as well as all those other things dogs are supposed to know, like sit, stay, and down.  I aced the class, and it helped me be more confident too. We had so much fun, we decided to sign up for agility classes. I love agility! People think my legs are too short, but I fool them. I can jump and run and weave as fast as any other dog, and I learn really fast. Mum set up an agility course for me in the back yard with jumps and a tunnel and weave poles and a plank walk. Last summer I started to teach the grandkids how to run it with me. They catch on really fast and we have lots of fun. Mum said that maybe when the world goes back to normal, we can try competing!

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